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Scotts Bluff County Ag Society PO Box 157 Mitchell, NE 69357 (308) 623-1828

  1. Contestants must be single between 13 and 19 years of age and a resident of Scotts Bluff County.
  2. Contestants will be judged on scholastic achievement, leadership, personality, and talent.  Decisions of the judges will be final.
  3. Talent competition is limited to 2 minutes.  If a contestant exceeds this limit, a deduction in points will be applied.
  4. Contestants must have been a Scotts Bluff County resident for at least 1 year prior to the contest. 
  5. If for any reason a contestant is declared a winner and is disqualified, the next choice of the judges will be declared the winner.
  6. I agree to participate in all scheduled activities during Fair Week.
  7. I understand and agree that having won a title, I will conduct myself in a manner that upholds the reputation of the Scotts Bluff County Fair Queen.  I will not consume alcohol, smoke or use any illegal drugs during my reign.
  8. I fully understand that the scholarship money will be held in a trust until I enroll in the college of my chioce and have submitted a letter of acceptance from the college to the Scotts Bluff County Ag Society.  The Ag Society will then issue a check payable to the college.
  9. I certify that I have read and understand the Official Rules for holding the title of the Scotts Bluff County Fair Queen and Court.  I do hereby release and hold harmless Scotts Bluff County Fair Board, any person, firm, individual, or corporation any charges or with responsibility or liability, their heirs, claims, demand, costs, damages, expenses, loss of service actions and causes of action belonging to the said party of the first part and against The Scotts Bluff County Fair Scholarship Pageant officers, directors, trustees, employees, and any other person chargeable with the responsibility or liability arising out of any act or occurrences during or leading up to, or during or proceeding the (12) months subsequent to said pageant.

Cheryl Engelhaupt, Director, must receive a signed copy of these rules with your completed application, a 3X5 photo and your payment.

Click here to fill out your application online to be printed or download the full application(A mailed application must be typed.)
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